What Is A Abdominal Binder And Its Benefits?

Abdominal Binder

If you are trying to lose weight or trying to recover from a surgery like C Section or any other abdominal operation, an abdominal belt will aid to improve quickly. This binder is a broad belt which can be wrapped around the belly and comes in many sizes. To lose that extra postpartum stomach along with the belt you could also opt for the tracy anderson pregnancy workout to get back to shape. Ensure you also take needed pre-and post-natal precautions as mentioned in this link www.webmd.com/ so that those stretch marks disappear post-pregnancy. An abdominal binder has many advantages other than tucking your belly and works using the principle of compression. Post any surgery, compression aids healing by providing support. Listed below are a few.

Back to shape: The compression technology helps to heal. During pregnancy, the stomach expands, and hence the muscles are stretched and so is the skin. Due to the stretch of the abdominal muscles, the lower back is shifted to maintain gravity. As the baby grows in the tummy, the internal organs are pushed to make space for the baby to grow and you are out of shape internally as well as externally. Soon after the birth of the baby, if a belt is worn it aids the healing of the body as it supports the abdomen as well as the lower back as once the baby is out the skin starts to sag. The compression will then help to re-shape the body as it can put all the organs back to its usual position.

Muscle support: This binder will help to bind your abdominal muscles back to the way it was before pregnancy. The compression provided by the wrap will tighten your core and puts the stretched muscles back to how it was. Post-surgery needs a lot of blood circulation to help with the healing and compression due to the wrap increases the blood flow and reduces pain and swelling around the area of the surgery.

Other advantages:
● Relieves pain by holding your abdominal and back muscles.
● Improved blood circulation and promotes healing, also reduces swelling in the area of surgery.
● You become more active and mobile as you feel more comfortable as the binder supports the core after wearing the binder.
● It strengthens the muscles.

Features to look for in an abdominal binder
● There are numerous options available in the market but look for the below-mentioned features to get the best possible results.
● Buy a binder whose fabric is breathable as you will be wearing this for a long time during the day, so it should be comfortable to wear.
● A binder will have to remove when you use the bathroom, so buy binders which are comfortable to wear and remove.
● The garment should have enough support at the front and the back of the belt to provide support to the midsection.
● The fit should be perfect as you do not want the belt to be too tight or too loose. Too fast it may create unwanted pressure and damage your back or rib cage, too loose it may slip and not serve the intended purpose.

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