How Does Glass Filter Tips Enrich The Smoking Experience?

Smoking enthusiast all around the world, have invented innovative ways to make their experience more enjoyable. One such option is the use of blunt wraps. Blunt is a tobacco leaf. Specific characteristics which make it a popular choice include its tendency to burn slower than the paper wrap. Along with herb, the taste of tobacco enhances the smoking experience. Blunt wraps require smoking tips which avoid the smoker to inhale any material directly into the mouth and provides a better grip to hold the joint comfortably with your fingers. To know about the recent trends and related discussions by your co-smokers worldwide, join this international online social portal

Let us now understand how using a glass filter tips for blunts is a better option:
• These filters unlike paper filters which soaks 1.0%, only absorb 0.4% of THC and CBD from the blunt.
• The glass tip cools the smoke as you inhale due to its resistance to heat, therefore enhances the experience.
• Most glass tips have a pinch which blocks the unwanted herbs from inhaling and hence protects your lungs and throat.
• Since glass tips are resistant to the smell of the tobacco rolled in it, your hands do not smell when you hold the blunt wraps between your fingers. There will be no evidence of tar on your fingers as well.
• It helps in rolling a clean, uniform and tighter blunt. The hard glass shape acts as the base to roll the blunt in a neat design.
• It also protects your lips from burning as the blunt get low. Therefore, you enjoy your smoke with the whole herb without being at risk to burn your lips.
• As a whole, it gives an elegant and classy feel while enjoying your smoke. Therefore, its gaining popularity among men and women equally.
• These glass tips are reusable and easy to clean.
• They also come with flavors which adds on to the excitement.

Here’s a complete stepwise guide for rolling your blunt using a glass filter tip:

Place your glass filter tip in the middle of the paper or blunt, with the moistened side of the rolling paper facing upward from where you are standing.
Put in the herb neatly inside the blunt. A right quantity should be stuffed, especially in the area closer to the filter, avoiding the joint to break while smoking. Another crucial area is the base of the joint, which is situated between the middle of the blunt and the filter. An appropriate quantity of herb will ensure proper airflow and the overall balance of the rolled blunt.

An essential part is rolling the blunt. To give the content a rolled shape, move the blunt back and forth while holding it from the glass tip side. Now bring the content on the unglued edge of the blunt and start rolling it tightly towards the other side. Ensure not to loosen up the grip and stiffness.
Step 4 – Moisten the other edge by licking it and then stick it to the rolled blunt. And now blunt roll is ready to be used.
Glass filter tips are available in many sizes, shapes and colors to choose from based on your personal preference.

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