Taking Care Of Your Pet Rat


Rats are tiny and sensitive pets. If you pet one, you have to take good care of their eating habits. It’s not that they demand high-quality food, as you must have seen them munching on whatever they find. Recently, a friend of mine asked can rats eat grapes? You might take it funnily, but it is very critical to know how to provide healthy food to a pet rat. According to https://www.wikihow.com/Care-for-a-Pet-Rat, taking care of a pet rat is an equal responsibility like petting a cat or a dog. Taking care of their food habit is something you cannot avoid. Before you bring home a rat, study about the food items you can feed and cannot feed your rat.

Fruits are favorites of rats, now that answers my friend’s question also. Yes, they eat apples, grapes, bananas and many more fruits. When feeding them with apple don’t forget to remove the seeds as it can be really hazardous. Cut apple into pieces and serve it to your rat. Avoid feeding them too much of those items that contain fattening ingredients. Applesauce, for instance, is right for them but only in small quantities. Feed them apricot, blackberries, blueberry buckle baby food, etc. Avocado also contains fat so they must be fed avocado in moderation.

Some rats love banana smashed like a pudding. You can add some nuts and small fruit pieces on top of it. Rats can mess up with fruits like blueberries hence feed them with care. Other than fruits, rats can be served beef and chicken. Since meat is fattier than chicken, it would be more appropriate. However, rats are comfortable with low-fat beef. Bread is also a good food item for your pet rat. Sometimes it’s been reported that rats start choking while eating a meal. Therefore, it is recommended to break bread into small pieces before giving it to your rat.

Another way can be to soak the bread pieces in water or milk so that there is no chance of it getting stuck in their throat. Many people get influenced by Tom and Jerry cartoon and tend to believe that cheese is a forever favorite for their pet rats. You should know that cheese is useful only in a small amount for your rat. Keep in mind to feed them with soy cheese as it is healthier for them. An extra amount of anything that is calorific can affect their health adversely.

You can feed them with other healthy food items like dry cereal, cranberries, rolled oats, green beans, green peppers and fruit baby food. Green beans in its cooked state are very nutritious for a rat. They provide the necessary nutritional support needed by your pet. Surprisingly corn is also suitable for their body to be it in the canned, frozen or cob form. Allow the food to be low protein as too much of it is unhealthy for such a small animal. Some people mix dog food in their rat’s food which must be done in moderated quantity only.

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