Treating Ringworm With The Help Of Garlic Gloves

garlic for ringworm

Ringworm is a common fungal infection which causes red patches, itching and red spots on the skin surface. This is mainly caused due to a certain type of fungus called tinea. People follow various home remedies to get rid of the ringworm infection. The use of essential oils, vinegar, turmeric, etc. works wonders in treating ringworm. There are various over the counter medicines available to treat ringworm. You can know How to Use Garlic for Ringworm? by reading the article below. The link would help to prepare garlic oil which can be used to treat ringworms.

Natural home remedies are effective and safe. The article below lists the ways to make use of garlic cloves to treat ringworm infections.Garlic is a perfect and effective natural remedy that you can make use of to treat fungal infections like ringworm. It is a readily available ingredient that is used for cooking. It is an ideal alternative treatment followed by people to get rid of ringworm. It is said that garlic is known for its antifungal properties and it can kill ringworm patches within a day. It is always good that you consult your doctor before proceeding with alternative treatments for ringworm. This can avoid complications of the fungus infection. Making use of garlic for treating ringworm is safe, and it is free from side effects.

Procedure For Making Use Of Garlic
You can make use of garlic in two ways for treating ringworm. You can either rub the garlic cloves directly on the infected area or apply garlic paste on it.
Using Garlic Cloves:
Take few garlic cloves say nearly ten and cut them lengthwise and place it in a bowl. Now rub the garlic cloves directly on the affected areas. Make use of single clove for each ringworm patch and discard them after rubbing it on the infected area. Make use of another fresh garlic clove for the other ringworm patches. You can also request the help of your family member to rub the garlic cloves on unreached areas. Your helper should wear a glove to avoid spreading the infection. Ensure that the infected area remains dry and free from moisture after applying garlic cloves. You can also cover it with an adhesive bandage to keep it dry. You can continue this procedure twice a day for a week, and you can witness better results.

Using Garlic Paste
To prepare garlic paste, you may require a pestle and mortar to crush the garlic cloves. Take few cloves of garlic and press them using pestle and mortar along with few ounces of olive oil and honey. Blend the mixture well until you get a garlic paste. Now apply the paste over the ringworm affected areas on your body. Massage for few minutes and leave it for some time for drying. After the garlic paste has dried out completely, you can wash it with warm water. You can apply this garlic paste thrice a day for better results. It helps in reducing the symptoms caused due to ringworm. The above are the various ways that you can make use of garlic for treating ringworm infections. You could also browse to get an insight into many other ringworm treatment methods.

Taking Care Of Your Pet Rat


Rats are tiny and sensitive pets. If you pet one, you have to take good care of their eating habits. It’s not that they demand high-quality food, as you must have seen them munching on whatever they find. Recently, a friend of mine asked can rats eat grapes? You might take it funnily, but it is very critical to know how to provide healthy food to a pet rat. According to, taking care of a pet rat is an equal responsibility like petting a cat or a dog. Taking care of their food habit is something you cannot avoid. Before you bring home a rat, study about the food items you can feed and cannot feed your rat.

Fruits are favorites of rats, now that answers my friend’s question also. Yes, they eat apples, grapes, bananas and many more fruits. When feeding them with apple don’t forget to remove the seeds as it can be really hazardous. Cut apple into pieces and serve it to your rat. Avoid feeding them too much of those items that contain fattening ingredients. Applesauce, for instance, is right for them but only in small quantities. Feed them apricot, blackberries, blueberry buckle baby food, etc. Avocado also contains fat so they must be fed avocado in moderation.

Some rats love banana smashed like a pudding. You can add some nuts and small fruit pieces on top of it. Rats can mess up with fruits like blueberries hence feed them with care. Other than fruits, rats can be served beef and chicken. Since meat is fattier than chicken, it would be more appropriate. However, rats are comfortable with low-fat beef. Bread is also a good food item for your pet rat. Sometimes it’s been reported that rats start choking while eating a meal. Therefore, it is recommended to break bread into small pieces before giving it to your rat.

Another way can be to soak the bread pieces in water or milk so that there is no chance of it getting stuck in their throat. Many people get influenced by Tom and Jerry cartoon and tend to believe that cheese is a forever favorite for their pet rats. You should know that cheese is useful only in a small amount for your rat. Keep in mind to feed them with soy cheese as it is healthier for them. An extra amount of anything that is calorific can affect their health adversely.

You can feed them with other healthy food items like dry cereal, cranberries, rolled oats, green beans, green peppers and fruit baby food. Green beans in its cooked state are very nutritious for a rat. They provide the necessary nutritional support needed by your pet. Surprisingly corn is also suitable for their body to be it in the canned, frozen or cob form. Allow the food to be low protein as too much of it is unhealthy for such a small animal. Some people mix dog food in their rat’s food which must be done in moderated quantity only.

Tips To Hire Professional Tree Removal Firms

Tree Removal Firms

Trees are considered to be vital for human existence, as they offer pure air, shades, and shelter for living species like birds, insects, etc. On the other hand, when trees grown in our home starts growing over the neighbor’s property, it can create tussles and issues. Besides these issues, stormy weather can create havoc to the homeowners when these trees fall on public places like roads, pathways, electrical posts, etc. It can cause inconveniences to the public as well to the adjacent homes. In this context, homeowners can try hiring a tree service to ensure the safety of the nearby community as well as their homes. For further information, homeowners can and get enlightened.

Why Hire Tree Services?
Homeowners need to hire tree services due to several reasons, and a few of them are shared here for the benefits of the readers. In general, these services are found to be handy when the tree falls on public roads and other places like the park, garden, rail tracks and so on. Homeowners can avail these services when their trees fall inside the compound, or its limbs are crashing through windows. Owners should not use this opportunity to do such removals as a DIY project and suffer from injuries later. Remember the fact that removing or trimming is not an easy task as one has to use large-sized cutting tools which need special skills to operate. Hence hiring a reputed tree removal service seems to be a wise option available to the homeowners.

Inquire The Details
While hiring the right tree removal firms, one need to check several factors such as the experience of the company, testimonials from the clients and other queries like price and time of operation, etc. Most of the reputed firms hire the right experts who are professionally qualified by passing the right examinations conducted by the concerned authorities. Homeowners can also check the current policies and the license these firms hold. These are needed to prevent any legal claims which can pop up later from the community. Hiring a licensed tree removal firm is vital for the homeowners. Also, professional service providers use the right tools to execute the work faster as well as with high efficiency.

Browse The Net
The Internet seems to be the best source to identify the right tree removal or trimming firms in the local area. There are innumerable service providers are available on the web world. Before hiring these firms, homeowners can read many reputed reviews about these tree removal operators. One can also read the testimonials that are shared on the websites of these tree trimming service providers and cross-check to find the real truth the service offered by these firms. Besides these efforts, word-of-mouth can be extremely reliable. Ask your friends, your family, and your neighbors what their tree removal experiences have been. Find out which companies provide the fastest service, have the best customer interactions, and offer the lowest prices.

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