Hawaii Public Television was founded to to serve the residents of Hawaii. KHET offers numerous services besides their broadcasting, Hawaii Public Television (HPTV) provides non-broadcast ways of information, serving and educating, informing and serving residents of Hawaii. Some of the services offered are listed below, all are available free of charge.

Educational Services
Learning is wonderful at any age. At Hawaii Public Television, they offer individuals, groups, and educators a variety of services designed to supplement the television shows you love to see.

Station Tours
Individuals and groups can visit their station to learn how HPTV brings quality PBS programming to your home and see how their create their own local programming. Customized tours available for ages 7 and up. It's a great way for kids to learn about the broadcasting industry, and to see if they want to pursue a broadcasting career.

Careers In Television
A station representative will come to your location with a unique, interactive presentation designed to help students learn about the many types of jobs available in the television industry. Available to all students in grades two to twelve;

Teacher Guides
Some PBS programs have supplemental guides to help integrate the program content into classroom learning. Limited quantities are available for free on a first-come, first- served basis;

Information Services
Knowledge is power, and at Hawaii Public Television, they like to share their educational resources to help resident's of Hawaii make the decisions that affect their television viewing experience now and for the future generations.

A Vision Shared
No other medium has helped to change our world more than television, and within the near future, (within five years) television as we know it will likely undergo dramatic changes. "A Vision Shared" presentation gives an overview of the ways that television profoundly affects all our lives and what Hawaii Public TV will be doing in this new era of broadcasting. This experience is available to adult groups of ten or more.

Program Supplements
Many PBS shows have supplemental newsletters, brochures and other printed information to extend the impact and benefits of our programming. These useful resources are provided for free through public libraries.

HPTV's monthly program guide includes features such as listings of their favorite programs, behind-the-scenes information about HPTV and numerous articles on special programming. Limited quantities of publivision are available for pickup at HPTV station at no additional charge. HPTV subscribing members can have Publivision guides mailed to their homes completely for free!